A vehicle for controversy: After the ‘racist van’ debacle, what now for Britain’s immigration policy? – Published in Metro

Armed with billboard vans and spot checks, the authorities are keen to show they are cracking down on illegal immigration – to cries of heavyhandedness and racial profiling. So how are they solving the problem? ETAN SMALLMAN went on a Home Office raid to try to find out…



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  1. Paul Jones says:

    Great article and I fully support appropriate controls however shouldn’t the Home Secretary be looking a bit more closely at how those who do comply with the law are treated .

    I know people who are here legally , work , pay tax etc who then pay huge application fees and / or legal bills and simply have to put their lives on hold with very long waits. Enquiries simply yield a vague response from border agency that they have a back log which they aim to clear mid summer – ironically sent out on June 21st. I wonder what % of applications are truly being processed within stated periods?

    I don’t condone those who enter or stay over illegally however with what appears to be an onerous, costly and uneffient process I can see why people ate discouraged from unit the proper channels.

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