Why we still love a Christmas annual – Published in Metro

It’s been a staple of Christmas for generations, but can the annual survive against the wave of gadgets expected to fill stockings later this month? ETAN SMALLMAN rips open his presents early to find out…


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  1. D J Passmore says:

    The various aspects of Annuals which have not been explored by the article are:

    (1) Annuals, sometimes known also as “Almanacs” or “Year books” far predated the so described “one of the world’s first” of 1939 (article, paragraph 6). The Victorian era abounded with such publications although some are of even earlier date. Some of them were general (including for example the “Times Telescope Almanac” and the “Illustrated London almanac”), others covering science and the arts (including the “Year book of facts in science & art”), public affairs (including the “Annual Register”), photography (including the “Year book of photography” and the “Amercian annual of photography”), cricket (including “Wisden” and “Lillywhites”), or other subjects. Many of these annuals are now scarce and collectable.

    (2) Many annuals &c, however named, also appeared abroad. One famous title was “Poor Richard’s Almanack”, published by Ben Franklin. There were many others.

    (3) It is true that cartoon characters have been the subject of more latter day annuals and that this last class of annuals is perhaps of a somewhat different sub group to these earlier annuals noted above, although cartoons and humour did appear in some Victorian annuals (including Cruikshank’s comic almanac).

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